Name: Merveille

Date and place of birth: 26.07.2001 in Bunia

Father’s name: Mbuyi

Mother’s name: Karaj

Child’s name: Eric

Merveille is the firstborn in her family of 3 children. Her father is a soldier. She joined the street kids in 2010 when her father returned from the war in the Eastern part of the DRC. She returned with mental health problems, and her mother died due to a heart attack shortly after. Being a military family, the children did not know their relatives. After the burial of their mother, the father was taken to the hospital. After one month, the children were told to vacate their home for a renovation process. They were told to go and live in a tent with displaced people.

Life became challenging; they could not afford food to eat, and even soap to bathe was not easy for them. She decided to join the Matshipisha market, and there she started prostitution, and she became addicted to alcohol and smoking weed. She could easily be abused. When she attended Kimbilio day center, she was frequently diagnosed with a sexual infection. The day center provided her with antibiotics to cure the infection, but after that, she will return to unprotected sexual activities so that she could have money for make-up, clothes, and food. We asked her what the reason for that was, and she said she was used to money and to the free life of the street kids. She could go anywhere she wanted and could have money.

Life became even more complicated when she got pregnant with her boyfriend, who denied it since he was also a street kid. During her pregnancy, she went to live with a woman who forced Merveille into prostitution despite being pregnant. If she refused, then she was banned from the house. Merveille attends the Kimbilio day center with her baby to have food, but the Kimbilio staff are afraid that she will abandon the baby one day.


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