Annual Report

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Dear Friend and Supporter of SAiDIANA,

Thank you for your continued support in helping women entrepreneurs and their families in the Congo. Your commitment has played a critical role, and we are so grateful for your contributions!

We have had many successful projects in 2023 – here are a few updates and some of the profitable results of the year. For context, the average annual salary in the Congo is $449, so these profits are truly life-changing for the women we serve.

  • We funded a new soy flour production mill that enables roasting and grinding of soybeans to convert to flour and sold locally. We purchased locally manufactured ovens, trays, and an electric mill for $5,000 and will have a 12-month ROI (return on investment).
  • We funded a new convenience store to serve the local community with basic necessities like vegetable oil, rice, household supplies, and the soy flour from the soy flour production mill. The store has had a 9-month ROI.
  • The incubator project, now in its second year, has a 200% ROI.
  • The chicken breeders, also in its second year, also has more than a 200% ROI.
  • The sewing tailor shop has had another fantastic year with over 50% profit.
  • The land was harvested with carrots, celery, amaranth, peppers, onions, and many other market vegetables available for sale. This project has also had another great year with over 60% profit.
  • The catering service has leveraged their over $7k of profits for take-home earnings along with
    reinvestment in the business.
  • We graduated a new class of students from the sewing school program in collaboration with Kimbilio.
  • We created a new “living room” space for the hair salon and delivered hair styling kits to graduated class.

They have been operating with over 50% profitability. Looking forward to next year, we are looking for major corporate donors, especially corporations who mine precious metals in the Congo. If you have any connections, please let us know!

We are reaching out to you at this time of year to ask for your help to continue advancing the mission of SAiDIANA. Your donation will directly contribute to the success of women entrepreneurs, creating a ripple effect that extends far beyond individual businesses.


Sewing School

With no education, no spouse, and no income, women are often treated as outcasts, but teaching them a skill where they gain confidence truly empowering them to take charge of their lives. SAiDIANA improved 8 women’s lives and families by training them how to sew and providing them a kit to start their own business upon graduation. Through the collaboration of Kimbilio’s facilities and staff, we also follow up on past graduates to provide guidance and additional accounting support.

Beautician School

Most of our women are taken from off the streets abandoned by their families usually through the death of their mother and remarriage they are forced to make a living through prostitution; however, when these children have their own, this living is more complicated, so we provide a new path for these Young Mums.

In 2020, we offered a second class for women in our new community where we are working in Kisanga who wanted to learn as well. We held a separate class and graduation with kits to start their own business.

Chicken Raising

In our new community of Kisanga, Maria, Veronique, and Ariette had participated in our introductory meeting when we first moved into this area. They were moved by Bea and Nancy, who are quite inspirational as they sing and dance with the women to raise them up and create community and support. Together they collaborated with Bea and Nancy, and subsequently, we funded our inaugural launch of a brand new enterprise in Kisanga. In this new area which is what is known in the US as a food desert where there is not a market or strong business economy, this is a trusted and sustainable business where we have had many successful projects with a similar business model. Our Congolese managers, Bea and Nancy, know the ins and outs of chicken rearing and coach the women on successful chicken breeding.


Two nurses and a pharmacist got together with the dream of opening their own pharmacy, but until then, it was only a dream until SAiDIANA who helped them launch their new business with the support of two other business experts. Across the 5, there are 29 families that they care for—the impact is extensive.


We are extremely excited to share that we have committed our resources to something longer and sustainable for women for many years to come. This land is airable, with rich soil, and perfect for cultivation. We are launching the farming cooperative with Nyota, Mwanbuyi, Bernadette, Clairanne, Mwelwangosa, who combined have 28 children and family members in their care.

2023 Financials

Functional Expenses

Programming: 76% ($35,715.00)
Fundraising: 3% ($1,295.00)
Administration: 21% ($9,653.00)

Total Functional Expenses: $46,663.00

2022 Financials

Functional Expenses

Programming: 82% ($53,423.99)
Fundraising: 4% ($2,697.89)
Administration: 14% ($9,387.79)

Total Functional Expenses: $65,509.67