Name: Debora

Father’s name: Longo

Mother’s name: Kayumba

Date and place of Birth: Manono, 16.05. 2002

Child’s name: Salomon

Date and place of birth of the Child: Lubumbashi, 26.07.2017

Debora is the second eldest of 7, and she left her family home due to abuse and a breakdown in relationships. She had been beaten by her stepmother when social affairs found her and brought her to Kimbilio. After working hard to find the family, the Kimbilio staff decided to reintegrate them into their family with the usual follow-up visits, until last year when Debora decided to go and stay with a man and had a child with him.

Debora used to come and visit the transit house from time to time asking for help, but she has a hard life because the man she is living with doesn’t have a job. The Kimbilio staff have seen that she can easily go back to the street because of the hardship and hunger. Once on the street, we are afraid of her being exposed to different men and having another baby.

The Kimbilio team would like to invite Debora to the Young Mom’s training. Here she can acquire knowledge and learn skills that will enable her to be stable and take good care of her child.


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