About Our Solar Panel Campaign

Among the many grievances Congolese women face, (poverty, lack of food and water, illiteracy, crime, rape, etc) lack of electricity is one of the most prominent.

Solar Panels

We want to purchase solar panels for Congolese women. This renewable energy source will provide the women in our trade school with better working conditions and allow them to run their businesses more effectively. They will use the electricity generated from solar panels to run their freezers, illuminate classrooms, and teach their children. When we asked the women in the Congo what they needed the most, they replied that they needed somewhere to stay safe from crime. Adding electricity to this building will ensure it becomes a place where women can stay, knowing that they have some additional safety, all in a sustainable and affordable manner. They can also repurpose the building for other things, such as childcare and cooking meals for families, when classes are not in session. As COVID-19 affects this community, this critical energy source becomes even more critical as it does the world. Each solar panel costs $10,000. We will be putting all of the money raised in this fundraiser toward buying solar panels for the school building.

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