Farming Cooperative

A group of 30 rural women who collectively own more than 50 acres of land were looking for ways to increase their yields. They farm cassava roots, soybeans, and various vegetable and nuts for domestic consumption and commercial purposes. They are in need of equipment as well as better seed for their farm. Our $1,000 grant was used to purchase seeds, a plow, and other farm equipment.

Vegetable Oil 4.JPG

Palm Oil Project

Seven women have formed a collective that purchases barrels of palm oil and bottles the oil for sale in the local market.  Their entrepreneurial enterprise supports 37 family members, providing regular meals, clothing and education for their children.


Manufacturing Pots

Three women have come together to manually manufacture casseroles, a popular item for cooking on open fires. Saidiana started supporting this enterprise in 2017 through a grant to purchase the necessary raw materials. This thriving business supports a total of 42 family members.


Baking Amazing Bread

A cooperative of 5 women who provide for 41 people had been preparing their dough manually and baking it in a wood stove. They recently secured a contract with a local mining company to provide 1,000 loaves per day for the mine’s workers. They needed Saidiana funding to purchase the electric oven and mixer and rent work space that made this possible.